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"Education Change, Leadership and the Knowledge Society" 
Global e-Schools Initiative (GeSCI)  

Survey of ICT in education in the Caribbean
Volume 1: Regional trends & analysis
Volume 2: Country reports

Using technology to train teachers:
Appropriate uses of ICT for
teacher professional developmen
infoDev (Mary Burns, co-author)

Project evaluation:
Uganda rural school-based telecenters

World Bank Institute
(Sara Nadel, co-author)

The Educational Object Economy:
Alternatives in authoring &
aggregation of educational software 

Interactive Learning Environments
(Purchase or subscription req'd) 

Development of multimedia resources 
UNESCO (Cesar Nunes, co-author)

Real Access/Real Impact
Teresa Peters &
(hosted for reference; RIP TMP) 

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Zimbabwe! What's going on? 

You won't believe this. The 2012 data in CIA World Factbook shows Zimbabwe as number 2 (TWO!) in terms of in-migration, or population growth due to immigation: 

1 Qatar
2012 est.
2 Zimbabwe
2012 est.

For points of reference, the US is number 26, with an in-migration rate of 3.62; countries ranked 72 through 103 (Azerbaijan to Yemen) post 0.00; Bulgaria, where I am currently, posts in-migration of -2.84 (which is out-migration, obviously) and is ranked 174; the most out-migrating people are in the Northern Mariana Islands, ranked 221 and posting an immigration population change rate of -41.32. 

But Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe! What is happening there that's leading to this influx? Hints?